1 - Search for Suppliers

International trading provides a great amount of offers in a wide range of products. Choosing the right supplier means being attentive to the customer’s expectations by meeting its requirements concerning quality, deadlines and price.

3 - Price Negotiation

The art of negotiation is complex, especially when the negotiation is in a different language and culture. Concerned about that BLIC has a team our professionals are immersed in the cultural context and aware of the nuances of the local business providing our customers with competitive prices and better supply conditions.

5 - Inspection

Monitoring each stage of the process guarantees the excellence of our service. From the production, BLIC is there, verifying the amounts, the loading process and documentation in order to ensure perfect delivery of your products.

2 - Product Development

Having a product with its own brand usually makes the difference in the market competition. BLIC has know-how to meet your expectations. We partner with industries and suppliers, enabling the manufacturing of products in compliance with your country’s regulations at competitive prices and quality standard.

4 - Product Monitoring

Purchasing goods from overseas might become a problem if it is now well monitored. BLIC maintains a staff in order to keep track of your order while it is being manufactured and verifying if it is in compliance with the regulations of your country as well as making sure that deadlines are met. It guarantees that the products will meet all the requirements of your target market.

6 - Consolidation of Goods

If you are a smaller or medium importer, you are aware of how bureaucratic it is to import small amounts of products. Concerned about that BLIC provides its customers with a consolidation service for small and medium importers. Our staff makes it possible for your company by placing different orders from different customers in a single container. It prevents you from the necessity of bringing a full container of a product when all you need is a small quantity of it.